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Lumps on palm of hands:  Dupuytren Contracture

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Dupuytren contracture causes lumps on palms and contracture of hand tissueLumps on palms of either hand can develop when a thin layer of tissue (fascia) just under the skin of the palm becomes thicker than normal in the early stages of Dupuytren contracture.  Often a small lump or series of distorted pits or lumps on the palms are first noticed.  The area of the palm is usually in line with the ring and middle finger, and less often the little finger.  Most commonly one finger is involved, two finger involvement is seen occasionally and three finger involvement is rare.

Many times involvement can be with lumps on palms of both hands, but not the same pattern:  one hand can have one lump, while the other hand has several lumps in the palm.  Or, one hand can have a lump in the palm at the middle finger while the other hand has a lump in the palm of the ring finger.

Later, tough firm cords develop beneath the skin, going from the palm into the fingers.  These cords look like tendons, but are actually located between the skin and the tendons that move the fingers.  Over time, these cords may cause the one or more fingers to bend or curl into the palm.  Even though the surface skin and fascia are involved in this process, the deeper tissues like the tendons are not affected or part of the process.  On occasion, when lumps on the palm of the hands appear, it will also cause thickening on top of the knuckles (finger knuckle pads).

Cause of lumps on palms of the hands

The cause of Dupuytren contracture has not been determined, although a biochemical problem within the fascia is possible.   People over 40 years of age, especially men, and those who trace their ancestry to Scandinavian and northern UK countries, are more likely to develop the lumps on the palms of the hands of Dupuytren contracture.   There is no statistical evidence that these lumps on the palm of the hand start after hand injuries or chemical exposure.

Symptoms of lumps on palm of hand

Lumps on palms of the hands may cause a little discomfort when they first form, but Dupuytren’s disease is not typically a painful condition. The first symptom of the palm lump of Dupuytren contracture is difficulty laying the hand down flat on a firm surface.  Once the irregular lumps on the palms cause the fingers to curl toward the palm, depending on the number of fingers and degree of involvement, many activities of daily living can become increasingly difficult until they are impossible to do with the involved hand:

●  Wear gloves    Dupuytren contracture inerfers with full use of hand
●  Wash hands
●  Shake hands with someone
●  Type a message
●  Applaud
●  Put hand in a pocket
●  Use a knife and fork
●  Hold a car steering wheel

The earlier in life the lumps on palms appear, the more severe the condition tends to be and symptoms are proportionately drastic.

Surgical treatment of lumps on palms

Most medical website devoted to Dupuytren contracture casually assume that the only way to deal with any lump on the palm of the hand is to surgically remove it.  While this might be necessary in some cases, it is important to keep in mind:

●  Every surgery has risks, and it is best to first attempt conservative measures t
●  Alternative medicine can be successful in aiding the body reduce and even remove lumps on the palms of the hands

Natural and conservative treatment of lumps on the palms of the hands can be tired for a few months to determine how successful this form of treatment will be for you.   Since 2002 the Dupuytren Contracture Institute has helped people around the world avoid surgery by using Alternative Medicine methods to reduce and eliminate the lumps on the palms of their hands.


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